Xplorer Classic 3.0 Fly Rods



  • Premium carbon blanks
  • Moderate to fast action 4 piece rods
  • Nature inspire matt blue finish with silver thread wraps
  • Fish Measure indication marks at 30/40/50cm along the butt section of the blank
  • Premium AA grade Cork snub nose grip on Freshwater models and Full wells on Saltwater models
  • Pac Bay Stripper Guide and Hard Chrome snake guides
  • Simplistic Matt black, Double Up-locking reel seats with Line wt indicator on Sliding hood.
  • Protective triangle shaped, cordura cover rod tube with internal section dividers.
  • No Fuss Warranty serviced in SA.
Purchase this item and get 19-28 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 19-28 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)


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The Xplorer Classic is one of the most popular series of Xplorer rods we’ve ever made.  The original Classic was launched over 20 years ago around 1999.

The Classic 3.0 is a totally revamped rod, with current advanced rod technology and retro finishes. The rod blank has been totally redesigned,  its light in-hand with moderate to fast action. It’s fitted with Pac Bay stripper and hard chrome snake guides, AA grade Snub nose cork grips, simplistic matt black double up-locking reel seats with line weight indicator on the sliding hood, for easy recognition. We’ve added measured markings at 30cm, 40cm and 50cm along the Butt section of the rod to facilitate a quick indication of the fish length, enabling a quick and stress free fish release. The blank is a nature inspired Matt Blue with silver tipped wraps. They come with a protective, Cordura covered rod tube with internal rod divisions.

Size Chart

Classic 3.0 704-5wt Small Fry A 5wt 7′0″ 4  70g
Classic 3.0 904-5wt A 5wt 9′0″ 4  78g
Classic 3.0 904-6wt A 6wt 9′0″ 4  87g
Classic 3.0 904-7wt B 7wt 9′0″ 4  99g
Classic 3.0 904-8wt B 8wt 9′0″ 4  111g


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