Semperfli Synthetic Perfect Quills


With Peacock Herl now on the CITES red list we risk travelling with Peacock Herl, this is the natural answer, reducing risk when travelling.

Large size ideal for flies #8 to #12


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Perfect Quills:

Amazing synthetic quills, clear and tapered, these form the most amazing bodies on flies, from nymphs, shrimps, wets, and dry flies. Totally synthetic Perfect Quills are made from a thin tapered vinyl from point to 3mm width with a wonderful black edging strip to form the rib. Use any colored materials from threads to tinsels or even permanent marker pens then the colour will shine through. To make an indestructible fly use a UV resin or varnish over the top to stop fish teeth damaging your fly bodies.

Olive Perfect Quills:

Of all the colours in nature, olive is one of the most prolific. As a result, we decided to develop our Perfect Quill range to address this essential natural colour for fly tyers to create their perfect olive ribbed bodies. Available in 3 sizes these come in 100mm strips and one strip can often be used to create 2 fly bodies. Perfect for both nymphs and dries.


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