Semperfli Synthetic Peccary Quills


These are incredible synthetic peccary quills, these True Peccary Subs are designed for small flies. With the white, brown and chocolate colours found on true peccary and having transition bands between the colours these are an incredible substitute. 0.4mm wide with a taper at the start these will enable you to create peccary flies without the hassle of soaking peccary of finding quality peccary which is scarce!

Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)


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Synthetic Peccary Quills:

At Semperfli they love tying with natural Peccary. Having to soak it and often finding a supply of Peccary can be a problem. For that reason Semperfli has made a synthetic Peccary.

Developing it in 0.4mm for small flies (#12 and below) and 1mm ideal for flies down to size #14. We then looked at what people had done with Peccary, colouring the white, and decided to make a Transparent Peccary, identical to Semperfli’s True Peccary, but Transparent. This Transparent Peccary allows anything below the Quill to show through, from threads to tinsels as you see on the photo below.

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