Semperfli Micro Metal – Hybrid Thread, Tinsel & Wire



  • Ultra lightweight Micro Metal is a new Hybrid fly tying product.
  • Thin enough to be used as a thread, looking like tinsel with its metallic looking coating this can be used for ribs or bodies as required.
  • Use straight off the bobbin as a tying thread for amazing effects.


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Micro Metal:

A thin metallic thread that can be used for thoraxes as ribbing and bodies on flies from dries, nymphs, to salmon, streamer, and saltwater patterns. With a fine core we have wound soft metal tinsel over the core so that this can be used as both a thicker thread that Classic Waxed or Nano Silk or just for tying ribs and bodies. Just 0.106mm or 0.0036” diameter, Micro Metal is a very thin and lightweight material.

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