Semperfli 15mm CamoChenile Large 15mm


Camo Chenille from Semperfli is a unique 100% recycled polyester chenille which behaves much the same as hen feathers with lots of mobility.  Semperfli dyes the polyester prior to manufacturing the chenille to create a wonderful twin color chenille. With Semperfli’s focus on sustainability, this material is made from plastic bottles! The bottles go through a mechanical (not chemical process), turning them into polymers that are spun to create an entirely new and unique chenille.  Camo can be used in different ways. You can wrap the chenille around the hook making it perfect for caddis, shrimps – its soft fibers promote superb movement in the water. Brushing the chenille can give it an even bushier appearance. Another great use for Camo Chenille is to tie it under the hook as legs where it can be brushed out to give a real leggy look.  Available in three lengths: 5mm is perfect for #10 or larger, 8mm sizes #10 to #16, and 4mm is ideal on flies sizes #14 to #18.  Semperfli adds extra value with 3m of Camo Chenille in a pack compared to major manufacturers who offer 2m chenille in most packs.

Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)



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