RIO Premier Lightline Double Taper


A Double Taper Line Designed For Slower Action Rods With Ultra-Slick Performance

  • Short front taper and weight distribution makes it ideal for creeks
  • Perfect for bamboo, glass and softer graphite fly rods
  • Built with RIO’s exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating
  • MaxFloat Tip technology for the very best in performance

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Purchase this item and get 18-21 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 18-21 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)


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RIO Lightline DT

This double taper has been designed to load slower action fly rods such as bamboo, glass and the more flexible graphite rods. Built to match the industry’s line standards precisely, this line will not overload these rods – even at a further range. The weight distribution and short front-taper ensures the line loads at close range, making it ideal for fishing on smaller creeks and streams, while the softer & supple coating ensures the line remains relaxed and easy to handle in most conditions.

In addition the line is built with SlickCast! – the slickest, most durable coating on the market.

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