RIO Powerflex Tippet Material


The best-selling trout tippet material in the world. Made from high tenacity copolymers and with excellent knot strength. It is ideal for trout, particularly with nymphs, dry flies and smaller streamers. Large capacity “Guide” spools are also available in 7X to 0X sizes. RIO’s Powerflex Tippet 3-Packs are a great value for guides and anglers who use a range of tippet sizes. These 3-Packs include three, 30-yard spools of our popular Powerflex Tippet packaged in a reusable, clear plastic cup. The 3-Packs are available in three configurations: 4X – 6X, 3X – 5X and 0X – 2X. The cups can be used to store flies, split shot, indicators or other small accessories.

• High knot strength
• Light gray nylon copolymer

• Dry flies
• Soft hackles
• Nymph

Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)


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Size Length Test Diameter
8X 30yds / 27.4m 1.5lb / 0.7kg 0.003in / 0.076mm
7X 30yds / 27.4m 2.4lb / 1.1kg 0.004in / 0.102mm
6X 30yds / 27.4m 3.4lb / 1.5kg 0.005in / 0.127mm
5X 30yds / 27.4m 5.0lb / 2.3kg 0.006in / 0.152mm
4X 30yds / 27.4m 6.4lb / 2.9kg 0.007in / 0.178mm
3X 30yds / 27.4m 8.2lb / 3.7kg 0.008in / 0.203mm
2X 30yds / 27.4m 10lb / 4.5kg 0.009in / 0.229mm
1X 30yds / 27.4m 13lb / 5.9kg 0.010in / 0.254mm
0X 30yds / 27.4m 15lb / 6.8kg 0.011in / 0.279mm
Powerflex Tippet – 3 Pack
4X-6X 3 x 30yds / 27.4m 6.4 | 5.0 | 3.4lb 0.007in | 0.006in | 0.005in
3X-5X 3 x 30yds / 27.4m 8.2 | 6.4 | 5lb 0.008in | 0.007in | 0.006in
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