RIO Powerflex Plus Tippet Material


RIO’S POWERFLEX PLUS TIPPET, RIO’s newest tippet is the strongest nylon tippet material ever made, with tensile strengths up to 20% more than regular tippet. A highly technical formulation of the nylon copolymer manufacturing process has resulted in this prodigious strength increase, without compromising knot strength or suppleness. Simply put, this is the strongest, most reliable tippet ever made. Each spool has the added bonus of 50 yards of tippet.

• Incredible strength to diameter ratio
• Soft material for high knot strength

• Dry flies
• Soft hackles
• Nymph / Indicator rigs
• Streamers

Purchase this item and get 2 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 2 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)


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Size Length Test Diameter
7X 50yds / 46m 2.75lb / 1.3kg 0.004in / 0.102mm
6X 50yds / 46m 4lb / 1.8kg 0.005in / 0.127mm
5X 50yds / 46m 6lb / 2.7kg 0.006in / 0.152mm
4X 50yds / 46m 7.5lb / 3.4kg 0.007in / 0.178mm
3X 50yds / 46m 9.5lb / 4.3kg 0.008in / 0.203mm
2X 50yds / 46m 12lb / 5.5kg 0.009in / 0.229mm
1X 50yds / 46m 15lb / 6.8kg 0.010in / 0.254mm
0X 50yds / 46m 18lb / 8.2kg 0.011in / 0.279mm
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