Xplorer Guide II Fly Rods


The Guide II has been rated one of the best value performance rods on the market.

These moderate fast action rods are powerful and yet responsive for precision accurate casts.

They are light in hand, easy casting, tip action rods that are great for fresh and saltwater.


• High modulus carbon blanks.
• (One 8pc model).
• Matt olive finished blank to reduce rod flash.
• Alignment dots and model coded sections for easy set up and identification.
• Light weight, aluminum up locking reel seats with natural wood burl inserts on freshwater models, double up-locking aluminum reel seat with triangle shape inserts on saltwater models.
• Pac Bay Hailoy ring stripping guides. Pac Bay light wire single foot guide on freshwater models. Pac Bay hard chrome snake guides on saltwater models.
• Premium 2A grade cork grips.
• Cloth rod sock with Brown Cordura covered tube. ( 8’6’5wt comes in an Olive cordura cover rod tube)
• No Fuss Lifetime warranty.

Purchase this item and get 30-51 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 30-51 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)


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** Extender Rods
The new Guide II 10ft Extender rods have been uniquely tailored for ever changing river requirements. This series of rods enables the angler to change the rod from a 9ft casting rod to a 10ft nymphing rod by simply inserting the 1ft extender piece. No need to restring your fly line, the 1ft section fits between the butt and the mid butt sections. This enables you to have one rod that can be used for both casting and nymphing-all in one. They are available in 3wt and 4wt 10ft 4 +1pc.

In the Guide II 10ft range , we have added the Guide II 10ft 5wt and 10ft 3wt straight 4 Pc models. The advantages of fishing a 10ft rod are evident when fishing off a boat and off a float tube. It results in longer casts as the line is higher up off the water, enabling you to fish longer leaders and lighter tippets with ease.


Model Chart

Guide II 794-1wt A 1wt 7′9″ 4 60gm
Guide II 794-3wt A 3wt 7′9″ 4 69gm
Guide II 1005-3wt EXT A 3wt 9′0″ & 10’0″ with EXT** 4+1 90gm
Guide II 1004-3wt A 3wt 10’0″ 4 84gm
Guide II 864-4wt A 4wt 8′6″ 4 79gm
Guide II 1005-4wt EXT A 4wt 9’0″ & 10’0″ with EXT** 4+1 93gm
Guide II 868-5wt A 5wt 8′6″ 8 84gm
Guide II 904-5wt A 5wt 9′0″ 4 86gm
Guide II 1004-5wt A 5wt 10′0″ 4 95gm
Guide II 904-6wt A 6wt 9′0″ 4 93gm
Guide II 964-6wt A 6wt 9′6″ 4 93gm
Guide II 904-7wt B 7wt 9′0″ 4 93gm
Guide II 904-9wt B 9wt 9′0″ 4 110gm
Guide II 904-10wt B 10wt 9′0″ 4 134gm
Guide II 904-12wt C 12wt 9′0″ 4 167gm
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