Ewing Premuim Hen Saddles


Discover the Finest Hen Hackle Available!

Ewing, take immense pride in delivering some of the world’s most exquisite feathers. These Hen patches are incredibly versatile and can be seamlessly incorporated into a wide array of fly patterns.

Why Choose Hen Hackle?

Hen hackle possesses a unique set of attributes that make it perfect for specific applications. These feathers boast fine, flexible quills, which occupy minimal space and add very little bulk when wrapped onto the hook. With their copious fibers, particularly on saddle feathers, you can achieve a luscious collar with just a few wraps. In fact, some feathers require only a single turn. Their natural flexibility makes tying soft-hackle collars a breeze.

For salmon fly and streamer enthusiasts, the rich and vibrant colors needed for many patterns can be easily achieved because the supple feathers readily accept dyes.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to selecting your Hen Cape, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 031-564-7368, and we’ll gladly provide you with available Cape images.

Purchase this item and get 7 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 7 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)


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Average Hen Hackle Size – 27cm x 14cm 

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