Delicate Presentations a FlyFishers Novel by Andrew Fowler


The book in a nutshell:


In 1947, Neville Nuttall wrote about three pests on the river: The guy who cuts in on your water, the loudmouth, and the poacher. More than 70 years later, Andrew Fowler searches out “Popjoy”, “Peabody” and “The Oaf” to find that they are a bunch of ordinary guys. Despite their early blunders, they have grown into a fairly respectable bunch of flyfishermen albeit with the sort of idiosyncrasies inevitably accumulated by a die-hard group of local anglers. The book takes the reader through a year of their flyfishing in the midlands and Drakensberg of Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa, exploring histories,  topography, local lore and the Trout fishing itself. The reader is invited into their local watering hole, onto their streams and stillwaters, and to share in their banter and the planning of their trips.  Woven into the story are vivid descriptions of the countryside in its various seasons, together with an unfolding compassion and friendship of loyal friends who rally around to support one of their number through a life-changing year.

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