Xplorer Voyager Box Combo Outfit

From: R2,280.00

The Xplorer Voyager Box Combo Outfit is suitable for all ages and experience levels!

Xplorer Voyager Rod & an Xplorer Edge or Flex Fly Reel, in sizes of your choice, pre-spooled with backing, a matching weight forward float line and tapered leader, and comes with a straight cordura rod tube.

An additional pre-spooled Intermediate Sink or Full Sinking Edge or Flex is also available!


  • Voyager 9’0-4pc 5/6wt Rod w/Edge/Flex 5/6wt Float Reel

Bass/Tigers/Light Salt

  • Voyager II 9’0-4pc 8/9wt Rod w/Flex 7/9wt Float Reel
Product Quantity

Xplorer Voyager Box Combo


Xplorer Spooled Reels

Xplorer Reels pre-spooled with either Float, Intermediate or Sink Lines and backing.


  • Edge (2/3wt ; 4/5/6wt)
  • Flex (2/3wt ; 4/5/6wt ; 7/9wt)
  • STX (2/3wt)



Gear Options

Rod Options:

  • Voyager 904-5wt
  • Voyager 904-9wt

Reel Options:

  • Flex 5/6wt
  • Edge 5/6wt
  • Flex 8/9wt
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