Xplorer Flexi-Floati Stripping basket


  • Keep Lines from Tangling–With 11 cones inside, keep your lines from bunching up and getting tangled, allowing for smooth casting and increasing casting distance.
  • Make Fly Fishing Easy — Provide rod holder and belt for easy stripping. Holds your rod securely out of the way to leave your hands free. Smooth edge will not hurt your line and rod.
  • Just the Right Size –13.4’’ x 9.8’’x 4.7’’. Big enough to strip lines into easily, but small enough not to get in the way of casting.
  • Super Light & Wearable — Come with a quality wide belt and secure buckle, flexible enough to conform to your hip. Light weight design makes all day fishing comfortable.
  • Works Great & Floating– It will float Even if you accidentally drop it in the water.


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