The Complete Fly Fisherman ISSUE 282 OF 2023


• Grunter Hunters Part I: MC Coetzer by Murray Pedder
• RIP Gareth Reid by Jonathan Boulton
• Transient Trout: Looking for Thin Blue Lines by Andrew Fowler
• AD Maddox: The Girl with Gumption by TCFF Editorial Staff
• 4-wts and 458s: Tintswalo Lapalala Wilderness Yellowfish by Gareth Corbett
• Sterkfontein Dam: A Treasure Found and Lost? by PJ Jacobs & Craig Hill
• Parachute Flies with CDC by Leon Links
• Holsloot Revelations by Ed Herbst
• Peter Brigg: A Life in Answering the Call of Mountain and Stream by Stephen Boshoff
• Tributes to Peter Brigg by some of his close friends
• The Tale Must be Told by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Letter
• GearWatch
• Tackle Review: Apex 905 Fly Rod
• Book Review: Delicate Presentations
• Classifieds

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