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The time has come for TCFF to embrace another evolution and they are excited to bring you Issue #279. TCFF has undergone substantial changes, not only in layout, design and content, but also format. For the foreseeable future the frequency of the publishing will not change, however, they are now presenting the TCFF in more of a book format, similar to their series of books (“The Ultimate Bucket List”, “The Complete Book of Fly Fishing for Yellowfish” and “The Complete Book of Fly Fishing for Trout”), which have proved to be immensely popular. In its new format, TCFF will be a collector’s item, to be treasured and read over and over again. Limited prints available.

Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)
Purchase this item and get 1 Xplorer Rewards Point (Read more)


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IT ‘ S HERE! The new must-have collection series. Limited prints are available for each issue. Start your collection.

Reimagined, redesigned, thicker – better! The all-new The Complete Fly Fisherman magazine. For fly fishers, by fly fishers.


ISSUE #281

• Swedish Lapland: Dreams are Made of This by Laurel White
• Secrets of the Prodigious Karoo by Alan Hobson
• Small- and Largescale Yellowfish: The Black Sheep of the Family? by Horst Filter
• Chasing Tails: Covering the Bases with Crab Flies by Deon Stevens
• The Lore of Local Literature by Andrew Fowler
• Artists and Crafsmen by Peter Brigg
• Tom Sutcliffe: The Man, His Writings, His Art and His Life in Fly Fishing by Stephen Boshoff
• An Enduring Friendship by Ed Herbst
• Tributes to Tom Sutcliffe by some of his close friends
• Fishing Lodges by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Letter
• GearWatch
• Outventure Guide

Issue #280

• Gently Does It: What Does Fly Fishing Teach Us? by Peter Brigg
• Untouched: A Southern Chilean Journey by Marc Petitjean
• A Fishing Invitation by Andrew Fowler
• How (Not) to Spook Fish: Golden Rules of Engagement by Gary Borger
• Verlorenkloof Estate: Where Fish Eagles Roam and the River Beckons by PJ Jacobs
• Ed Herbst: The Delicate Fly Fisher by Stephen Boshoff
• Pushing Boundaries: The Evolution of a Fishery by Deon Stevens
• Atlantic Bonito On Fly by Robin Fick
• Unlocking the Largemouth Mystery: Six Things you (Absolutely) Need to Know by Paul Fick
• Patagonian Pilgrimage: Exploring Argentina’s Wild Rivers by Laurel White
• Dapper Damsels by Murray Pedder
• Travelling Hopefully by Andrew Levy

• Editor’s Letter
• The Story Behind the Cover
• GearWatch
• Outventure Guide