Xplorer Sole Fly Reels


Xplorer is proud to announce the launch of a new Freshwater fly reel called the” SOLE”. The SOLE is CNC machined from bar stock aluminum and anodized with matt gun-smoke finish. It uses a one way bearing disc drag that adjusts from the rear of the reel. It comes in two sizes 4/5wt and 5/6wt and there are spare spools available.

1 Category

Reel Mass Reel dia yds backing
Sole 4/5 Reel 108gr   100yd 20lb
Sole 4/5 Spool 43gr 67mm 100yd 20lb
Sole 5/6 Reel 124gr   150yd 20lb
Sole 5/6 Spool 49gr 79mm 150yd 20lb