Sci Fly Poppers, Divers, Jaw Breakers

High performance flies tied on high performance hooks!


  • Grip Hooks

Hook Sizes:

#4 ; #2/0



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SciFlies is a brand proudly owned by ScientificFly.  They tie all their flies on Grip Hooks. Their fly ranges includes flies for most species.  It is continually growing to satisfy the needs of a large array of fly anglers. It is expanding and growing into a large range because of constant development, design and testing of new fly patterns. This way they can offer the angler a wider range of flies to cover specific geographical areas, species and conditions.  The fly range consist of trout flies, warm water flies, yellow fish flies, saltwater streamers, saltwater crustaceans, surface bugs and subsurface flies.  It also includes barbless and competition flies.

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