Re-Xplore Float Craft Carry Bag


Introducing the innovative Re-Xplore Range, where we transform those leaky waders into high-quality accessories tailored for the passionate angler.

Each Float Craft Carry bad has its own unique design. No two bags are the same! All materials are souced from Local desingers and brands. You may even recoginse a few of the brands prints and Logos!

Key Features:

  • Local Design: Our products are thoughtfully crafted by local designers, ensuring a unique touch that resonates with the angling community.
  • Local Production: Each item in the Re-Xplore Range is proudly manufactured locally, supporting the skills and expertise of our community.
  • Zero Waste: We’re committed to sustainability. By repurposing old waders, we eliminate waste and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Join us in embracing sustainable angling practices while enjoying accessories that enhance your fishing adventures. Together, we can make a difference in the world around us.

The Re-Xplorer Float Craft Carry is able to fit

  • Xplorer Journey
  • Xplorer Deluxe Journey
  • Xplorer Epic I & II
  • Xplorer V Boat
  • Xplorer XPT Pontoons ( Frame not included )

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