Xplorer Procast II Box Combo Outfit

From: R2,355.00

The Xplorer ProCast II Combo Outfit contains all you need to get onto the water and start fly fishing, and is suitable for all ages and experience levels!


Xplorer ProCast II Rod & an Xplorer Edge or Flex Fly Reel, in sizes of your choice, pre-spooled with backing, a matching weight forward float line and tapered leader, 6 flies in a flybox, and comes with a cordura rod tube. (actual rod tube may vary from the picture)

An additional pre-spooled Intermediate Sink or Full Sinking Edge, Flex, or STX Reel is also available!



  • ProCast II 7’6-4pc 2/3wt Rod w/Edge 2/3wt Float Reel
  • ProCast II 7’6-4pc 2/3wt Rod w/Flex 2/3wt Float Reel


  • ProCast II 8’6-4pc 4/5wt Rod w/Edge 4/5wt Float Reel
  • ProCast II 8’6-4pc 4/5wt Rod w/Flex 4/5wt Float Reel


  • ProCast II 9’0-4pc 5/6wt Rod w/Edge 5/6wt Float Reel
  • ProCast II 9’0-4pc 5/6wt Rod w/Flex 5/6wt Float Reel

Bass/Tigers/Light Salt

  • ProCast II 9’0-4pc 8/9wt Rod w/Flex 8/9wt Float Reel
Product Quantity

Xplorer ProCast II Box Combo


Xplorer Spooled Reels

Xplorer Reels pre-spooled with either Float, Intermediate or Sink Lines and backing.


  • Edge (2/3wt ; 4/5/6wt)
  • Flex (2/3wt ; 4/5/6wt ; 7/9wt)
  • STX (2/3wt)



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