Simply put, pheasants are cool birds, and their feathers can create some of the slickest flies around–Hareline’s Ringneck Pheasant Skin allows you to have a catalog of male pheasant feathers that lets you pick exactly the feather you need when you need it. These high-quality pheasant skins have a wide variety of feathers that can be used for anything from soft hackles to crayfish. Bold colors and rich patterns, Hareline’s Ringneck Pheasant Skins should have a place on your desk whether you’re tying bass bugs, trout flies, saltwater streamers, or steelhead flies.


Considering this is an entire male pheasant skin, you have a pretty wide range of applications to work with. With such a variety of feathers, this skin lets you tie dry fly wings, create complex cheeks on traditional streamers, wrap collars on streamers and wet flies, build crayfish claws, and wrap hackles on large steelhead flies. Whether you’re looking to tie up some buggy streamers for redfish or create a new nymph for your local trout waters, there’s a feather on Hareline’s Ringneck Pheasant Skin that lets you do it all.


Ringneck Pheasants are a unique bird with a variety of feathers and tying applications. For that reason, there isn’t quite one bird or skin that grants the versatility that these skins have. While a Hungarian Partridge Skin offers excellent versatility for soft hackles and nymph appendages, it doesn’t have the bold colors nor the large feathers of a Ringneck Pheasant Skin. And while Bronze Mallard Feathers can be used for wings in steelhead flies and used to craft large crayfish claws, they also lack the bold colors and patterns as well as the versatility for smaller flies. So all in all, if you’re looking for a comparison for a Ringneck Pheasant Skin, there isn’t one that offers exactly what Hareline does with these skins.

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