Flyz Inc Double Barrel Poppers


Flyz Inc Flies have been tried and tested the world over. Only the best hooks and materials are used. A proudly South African product with innovation, quality and durability at the forefront of all Flyz Inc’s flies, no compromise!

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Purchase this item and get 0-1 Xplorer Rewards Points (Read more)


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What sets Flyz Inc flies apart is not always visible to the naked eye.  Durability is a key factor to the construction of all their patterns and they go through large quantities of resins and glues during the tying stage to strengthen the flies through the tying process.  Small finishing touches not seen on many mass produced flies are present on all their patterns such as fully epoxied heads, high gloss quality dome eyes to name a few. Flyz Inc believe you cannot construct quality flies with inferior quality materials so only high quality materials are used in all their flies, no compromise.  Their hooks of choice are Gamakatsu, Daiichi and Kamasan all top end hook brands chose for specific applications through the range and although more expensive than other brands a fly is only as good as the hook it is tied on.

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